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  • Residential

    Just bought a house?

    Lost the keys to your house?

    Who else has keys to your house?

    We can re-key your existing locks, Install deadbolts on your exit doors and make sure all of your doors are working smoothly and aligned for years of trouble free security. We also sell and install Digital Pushbutton locks made for residential. No more keys to worry about.

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  • Commercial

    We are Full Service Locksmiths who are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Rest assured that we can take care of all your commercial, ADA, and Fire Compliant hardware needs. Anything from high security restricted locks and master keying for multi unit complexes, to door closers and exit devices (panic bars).

    (530) 626-7600

  • Automotive

    We pride ourselves on staying current with the latest in automotive security technologies. This allows us to work on the latest vehicles on the road. We offer huge savings over dealer prices.

    Car Keys, Proximity Keys, Integrated Keys and Smart Keys – we make them all.

    (530) 626-7600

  • Sharpening

    Tired of having shredded turkey instead of slices on Thanksgiving?

    Does cutting fabric feel more like cutting sheet metal?

    Do the rose bushes win when you go out to prune them?

    Bring us all your straight edge knives, scissors, and small garden tools so we can restore them to a keen edge. Our professionals have the tools and skill to sharpen most any edge back to a quality that you expect.

    (530) 626-7600

  • Engraving

    Signs, Omens, Portents…

    These are all strong and important tellings of the future.

    However, for any other messages you need that are not as deep or predictive, come see us and we can engrave it for you. From name badges to award plaques we have the capability to engrave on a variety of materials with several different typefaces.

    (530) 626-7600

  • Rubber Stamps

    Weather you need to put your seal of approval on it, or have several documents in need of your signature, or just need to mark an invoice as PAID we can help.

    We have the ability to make sure you can get a custom rubber stamp for any need you might have. Come in and let us know what you want, and we'll get it done for you.

    (530) 626-7600

  • Batteries

    Does your watch say it's 1pm, yet the stars are out?

    Do you have to get closer and closer to your car to unlock it?

    When you notice that your watch is no longer keeping time, come see us and we can install a fresh new battery into the watch. Also, if your automotive remote or proximity key are not functioning as they should, we will put a new battery in and get you back on the road.

    We have batteries for most types of watches, remotes, key fobs, proximity keys and other devices that use small batteries.

    (530) 626-7600

  • Laminating

    When you have important documents that need a little extra protection bring them in and we can laminate them in tough 5mil plastic. Our equipment can do any size from a business card up to an 8.5" x 14" page. We will help you preserve anything from a medical insurance card to a 6th grade class photo from 1985.

    (530) 626-7600